Local Area

Pilleth Oaks is located in an area known as the Welsh Marches, the area is steeped in history.

The Battle of Pilleth

PillethPilleth is the location of Owain Glyndwr's greatest battle in 1402. He took on and beat Edmund Mortimer (from Wigmore Castle in Herefordshire) representing King Henry IV. The battle was a hard fought engagement during which a reported 800 men where slain. Many of the Mortimer's archers (Radnorshire and west Herefordshire conscripts) changed sides early on in the conflict. The Welsh having the upper ground then set about totally destroying the remnants of the English army. It is no wonder that the English rear guard coming on the scene turned and fled.

The dead appear to have been buried at two sites, within the churchyard of St. Mary's and on Bryn Glas hill at a place now marked with four redwood trees.

The earliest reference to Pilleth is in the Domesday Book, where it is noted as Pilelei. The church was a place of pilgrimage in medieval times and the Holy Well on the north side was reputed to have healing properties, for the eyes in particular. It is not known exactly how long Pilleth has been a place of Christian worship; but the current building, dates predominantly from the thirteenth century. The tower dates from the fourteenth century, and its single bell from about 1450.

Presteigne, 5 miles away, formerly the assize town, now boasts an award winning living museum 'The Judge's Lodging' and is well worth a visit.

View from Radnor Forest of Pilleth Oaks and the battle groundThe area is one of the few 'dark sky' areas which makes it the idea base for 'The Space Guard Centre' on the hillside overlooking Knighton Every kind of outdoor pursuit is available locally including many local waymarked walks (Offa's Dyke and Glyndwr's Way) and we are on the "Radnor Ring" cycle route.

Powys is a great place for bird watching in particular the famous Red Kite. Water fowl can be seen on our lake and forestry birds like crossbill and nuthatch in Radnor Forest. Our lake also provides private fishing.

Horse Riding is available from local riding schools the nearest is only 6 miles away.

If your passion is golf we are near a number of courses. Bradnor Hill at Kington is the highest in England, the nearest one to us is at Knighton.

Leisure facilities and swimming pools are available at Knighton and Presteigne.